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Welcome to Friends of Classics
Friends of Classics (FoC) is the society for anyone who is fascinated by the world of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

If you have some knowledge of the classical civilisations - however residual, from however many years ago and, above all, if you wish to see classical subjects - Latin, Greek, classical civilisation and ancient history - flourishing in our schools, then Friends of Classics is for you.

FoC has two main functions: Raising money to encourage the study of the ancient world and its languages in schools and arranging activities for Friends to enjoy.

This web-site explains what Friends of Classics does, how it works and how to join; provides updates on classical topics current in the media; describes procedures for schools to apply for grants; and much more. It has links to: Ancient & Modern, Ancient & Modern Archive, News, Calendar and Reviews.

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Friends of Classics is a registered charity:
No 1015932

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Courses at the Schola Latina Europæa & Universalis begin in the next few days
(16 Sep & 23 Sep).

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Officers of Friends of Classics
Jeannie Cohen MA
51 Achilles Road, London NW6 1DZ
Tel: 0207-4315088
Executive Secretary & Co-Founder
Dr Peter Jones MBE MA PhD
28 Akenside Terrace, Newcastle on Tyne NE2 1TN
Tel: 0191-2811451
Editor of ad familiares and Co-Founder